I am a licensed psychologist and currently practicing in Pasadena, California. I perceive my role as providing a holding environment where you feel safe enough to consider coming out of your comfort zone, sitting with uncomfortable feelings, and exploring yourself. I am a firm believer that therapy is a collaborative work and a therapeutic change begins within a solid therapeutic relationship. As I feel much privileged to take part in your life journey, I am committed to offering you empirically sound, culturally sensitive, and individualized care.


Are you feeling vulnerable, or overwhelmed by life challenges or experiencing inner struggles that you cannot pinpoint where they come from? Are you distressed by psychological symptoms that eat you up and affect your day-to-day functioning? Or are you struggling in social relationships or with your family or partner? Therapy can help you alleviate pains, sort things out, develop adaptive strategies, and build healthier relationships. Therapy offers you an opportunity to explore deep-seated or entangled inner conflicts that keep you from moving forward. For detailed information, please see TREATMENT.


Psychological assessment is helpful for diagnostic clarification, the provision of insight into deep-rooted psychological mechanisms and interpersonal styles. Assessment also offers information on personal strengths and weaknesses, and relevant recommendations for interventions and treatment. For detailed information, please see EVALUATION.

Psychological evaluations provided by me encompass both clinically and forensically relevant topics. Common topics include, but not limited to, the following:

  • Clinical: Diagnostic clarification, psychological functioning, personality structure, cognitive difficulties, memory problems, aptitude, achievement, learning disabilities, and ADHD
  • Forensic-clinical: Competency, insanity, child custody, adoption, social security disability, and violence risk assessment


I welcome opportunities for offering public education as I am strongly committed to the betterment of community. Please and invite me for public lectures, workshops, and seminars on mental health topics. I have extensive professional experiences in multiculturalism, severe mental illness, and forensic psychology.