Please make sure to print and fill out necessary forms in advance and bring them to our first meeting. This is important in that it saves unnecessary in-person time which will accrue in fee. It also helps that I can focus on your treatment/assessment needs immediately.

If you have any questions on how to answer on any forms, please leave it blank and ask me in session. Of note, regardless of your choice of signing on any forms or not before we first meet, it is still my ethical obligation to give you a notice of your rights as a client and important aspects of my practice operation. I will briefly go over this information at our first meeting. If you don’t feel comfortable signing on any forms before my explanations, please bring the forms unsigned.

FORMS: I recommend that you fill out the forms from 1 to 5 before our first meeting:
1) Intake
2) Questionnaire

(For couples, please use Couples Questionnaire)
3) Informed Consent
4) Receipt of Notice of Privacy Practices
* Before signing this form, please be sure to carefully read Notice of Privacy Practices.
5) Authorization to Email Text
* By signing on this form, I will be able to communicate with you via email and text Re: non-health related information.
6) Authorization to Release Information
* When you would like me to release your health information to any third party, please fill out this form.