Therapy can help you alleviate pains, sort things out, develop adaptive strategies, and build healthier relationships. Therapy offers you an opportunity to explore deep-seated or entangled inner conflicts that keep you from moving forward. For detailed information, please see TREATMENT.

I provide the following modalities of treatment: Individual, Family, and Couple.


I provide both clinically relevant and forensic-clinical assessment. For detailed information, please see EVALUATION.

Psychological evaluations provided by me encompass both clinical and forensically relevant topics. Common topics include, but not limited to, the following:

  • Clinical: Diagnostic clarification, psychological functioning, personality structure, cognitive difficulties, memory problems, aptitude, achievement, learning disabilities, and ADHD
  • Forensic-clinical: Competency, insanity, child custody, adoption, social security disability, and violence risk assessment


Invite me to a public lecture, seminar, or workshop on mental health issues, forensic psychology, and multiculturalism.

Business Hours

My practice days are typically Saturdays and Sundays in my efforts provide mental health services for those who have been having difficulties receiving needed mental health services due to their busy schedule.

I offer a complementary initial phone consultation.

Please feel free call me at 310-957-9569..