A fee for an initial intake assessment is $200. I charge $150 for a 45 minute session, if not other arrangements are made. I also charge other professional services with a prorated rate, including a phone consultation longer than 5 minutes, collateral contact (if necessary), a review of relevant documents (if necessary), and a report writing per client request for various reasons.

If a regular 45 minute session is determined to be not optimal or sufficient for any reason, I can offer a longer session with a prorated rate to maximize the effectiveness of treatment.

INSURANCE: Presently, I am not accepting any health insurances. However, if your insurance company (typically PPO) accepts an out of network claim and you would like to use your insurance for my care, I will gladly assist you as an “out of network provider.” Please contact your insurance company first and inquire if they provide coverage for mental health services received by an out of network provider. If you choose to use your insurance, please be aware that your confidentiality may not be fully kept as most insurance companies require me to provide your health information (e.g., a diagnosis and the purpose of visit).


For general psychological assessment, which involves no legal issues, my hourly rate is $200. For forensic psychological assessment, which aims to obtain expert opinions on legal cases, my hourly rate is $250. Depending on cases, I may charge a flat fee for my assessment services. A complete assessment process typically include a clinical interview, face-to-face testing, collateral contacts, a review of relevant documents, scoring and interpretation, and report writing.